Here are the steps to become part of the ProVaultNW Washington track club.

Step 1:  Obtain your USATF Athletic Card

This is a pretty easy step. First you will need to join up with USATF. Here is the link.

-Note: Be sure to place 0241 in the club number section of the signup form with USATF.

Step 2: E-Mail your Copy and USATF number to ProVaultNW

It is alright to bring it with you to practice and show the coaches. Just be sure to have your USATF card with you at all times. This establishes the athlete’s full-liability coverage with ProVaultNW through USATF. It is REQUIRED and any athlete with an expired USATF card will NOT be able to practice. No exceptions!

Step 3: Come to Practice and Learn to ProVault! 

Practices will be conducted throughout the week. Check the calendar section of the website to keep up with the schedule changes and meets. If you would like to schedule a private lesson or want to learn “one on one” with knowledgeable ProVault coach. Please call 360-631-6482 to schedule a class and time.

Welcome to ProVaultNW and we look forward to watching you grow in this amazing and rewarding sport.