Regular Scheduled Practices:

These are provided 2x times a week for 2hrs. These are designed for committed athletes whom have a good understanding of their outside training away from ProVaultNW. These practices are less one on one with coaches. But, allow for plenty of jumping and practice over a bungie cord. All practices will either have one or two coaches present.

$180 US dollars per month. ($185 if paid with Credit Card)

Privates Practices:

These are for noobies or athletes looking to refine their skills over the rest of the pack. This is typically a one on one setting with lots of learning and development. These also can be scheduled to fit your schedule if the other classes don’t fit your busy academic schedule.

$60 US dollars an hour ($70 an hour if paid with Credit Card)

Private Combos: (2, 3 or 4 persons)

These are a great way to get a lot of one on one training. These practices allow for plenty of time between jumps and also are discounted. Please see the price breakdown page.

$50 an hour for 2 person. $30 an hour for 3 persons. 


These are typically one or two day all day training. These camps focus more on gymnastics and strength training rather than pole vaulting. However, we do plenty of that during the day. There are snacks and refreshments provided during the day for athletes.